​to form a state mans first need is food

secnd coat and third the mst important law and justice  which will make sure that daily exchnges s together smoothly

this rules which are also called law makes sure that order prospers and only charm.prevails in society eradicting all shady elements

and when obeyed rightfully  unbiased where virtue knocks vice and deceit out of the park and that  is called justice 

in a laymans language i believe law is like  a set of rules on which society would be gverned and justice is an abstract notion which says that  dissolution of evil elements

our way of maintaing law and justice is preeti good i believe .some people argue that it takes a long time in india to get justice but its the length ,the plural procedures that makes justice just. because  in todays.time in todays system.we.every day defeats the idea from plato’s book that might is right

what i really like about our nation.that guys who.framed our laws gave every one something to live

when nehru gave that tryst with destiny speech no non freak person believed that india able to maintain the sovergin tag
but accordn to me there r certain flaws in our law and justice

some time back the judiciary ruled aginst transgenders

my point is how  a few officials wearig black

the judiciary is too silent it be a little loud little harsh i believe in some matters they would be given a more than advisory role

perorating my speech i would just say 

it prevents society from.going in a pit of chaos and also make ls sure.that no viggalente pops up on the scene we r the species which is the most evolved so we have to just lawfully abide by the law


Don know…

​I was just sitting in my room and suddenly i started wondering whether its taylor swift or adele humming into my ears,Dont know whether its just me. Sometimes I just feel absolutely nothing nither the hubaloo of my surrounding nor the cozyness of my gal seems to delight me and I just stop feeling anything . the persistent and erratic flow of life causes a heavy dent to my mental frame. The life is not hard according to me its brutal, the expectations , the dreams, the not so good present haunts me and sometimes I just sleep and hope I just keep sleeping and sleeping . I need a break , a rest but sadly there is no time for all of that because tommorow there is a mock on which I have wasted 3k and a meeting with a friend whom a nanoscopic part of me want to meet and cuddle and a major part want to make an excuse. Lets see what the jury will decide , I hope this whether this misery ends or not one things for sure for me its not the riches that matters, its not the this that matters nor the that its just the peace that counts…..


At a time when we are aspiring to become a global powerhouse, we have many boxes waiting to get ticked. Unemployment, deficit, deteriorating healthcare and education are the major balks of our nation. “If we have million problems and then we have billions minds to solve them”, these were the words of Mr. Narendra modi, who with the rest of intellectual army believes in the solution. in the Alladin whose name is startup, the enterpreneurship. It is the word for future which can 

 simply lead our  graph of development to touch stratosphere but but, we have an issue like always and this one is even bigger than the iceberg of titanic and that is the tax system of our country. 
 If u drive a car,I will tax the street

If you try to sit,I will try to tax your seat

If u get too cold, I will tax the heat

 cause i am the taxman….
These “beatles” lyrics are more relevant today then ever describing the reality of India’s taxation system
our tax policies are primitive in ways, there are numerous taxes like custom tax, capital gain tax,securities transaction tax,perquisite tax etc. we even have swaach bharat tax too.

if you start a business pay proffesional tax, if u somehow manage to keep the sales going pay sales tax, if you expand in other states by gods  grace pay custom and central states tax and if u somehow still manage to buy official space pay land and municipal tax.

These taxes are very much responsible for burdening the common man’s back and especially the entrepreneurs. Taxes in our country bugs that much because our government does not provide us facilities of that notch be it in healthcare or education or in any other field.

For a entrepreneur our system is just like queen “cersie”  from game of thrones, always ready to haunt you with never ending paper demands, uncountable taxes and “massa allah” officials

the hurdles begin from high percentage of taxation ranging from 25-40 percentage. This is a very gigantic demand from a person who bets his life savings to do something for society,rather then providing support and assistance government acts like a parasite most of the times. The complex issue of demacration between personal property and corporate property has constantly been bugging every entrepreneur. our system taxes them even for visiting a nearby cafe or visiting a hill station.
our government in 2016 budget announced plans for startups but there are some loop holes there too like companies having turnover less then 5 crore should pay 29 income tax plus other cess and charges while the newbies should be giving 25 percent,this is a bit naive and if u ask me this knacking is not required. Things like that are solely responsible for lower global rankings and S&P not increasing our investment status.

As things seems the day is not too far when air and water will be taxed. I can’t understand that If a singapore can do it right, denmark can do it right then why can’t we. According to me these taxes should be reduced and a one body should be created for reducing time.More concentration should be on improving and reforming rather than levying taxes or  playing beefy  politics .

Brexit, stagnating economies of china and America and a struggling brazil has provided a chance for india to step up and lead the crusade and for that we need to announce some solid reforms,foster startups and do something concrete otherwise we should just keep clapping at global forums and paying bad loans….


​i may sound quite boring because i am writing a blog after quite a long time.During my epoch which was for no absolute reason,a lot of things happened which can be described shocking at times, inane at times and just passed on,at times.

first of all the most crucial thing,the surgical strikes on pakistan carried out by india. kudos to mr.narendra modi because finally we did something other than just exchanging trash talks, the indian government really invested a lot for establishing a bonny relation with pakistan 

,be it inviting mr.sharif for swearing in ceremony  or landing in pakistan un-announced but but pakistan is pakistan who continues to disrespect the border agreement, tries to fish in troubled waters of kashmir,so they had it coming for a long long time.

i specifically want to congratulate mr.modi for handling this delicate and sensitive issue so well,calling foreign envoys and informing them,using UN as a platform to humiliate pakistan. this “modi”fied form of governance is like a beatitude for achieving our goal of becoming a world power.
second, second important thing  is about USA presidential elections,the 1st debate winner was definetly hillary clinton, but polls suggest thay her lead is narrowing day by day and in some states trumph is ahead, yes you read it right, trumph is ahead.

Donald trumph is not taken seriously by many political pundits but i really think he has a very strong chance of winning the elections on november 8, he has a certain kind of abstract appeal to the white majority and the urban US quo. and then hillary’s emailgate also concedes in a very crucial lets see what happens on november 8.
big news of recent times from hollywood  is ryan  gosling and emma stone starrer “la la land” recieving  great feedback in toronto film festival and is already expected to be the frontrunner for the upcoming oscars.

other big news from hollywood is mr and mrs smith separating, the couple had a brawl in their jet during which brad pitt in a drunk sta punched jolie’s kid. 
2016 has not been a good year for hollywood so far with no movies doing quite the business, celebrated couples seperating among many other glitches.
talking about music,my all time favourite adele’s album 25 was certified  “diamond” by RIAA. lady gaga will release her new album in november and mettalica too will release their album in november.the chainsmokers continued delivering chartbusters with “closer” ranking 1 on many charts , another song”all we know” is all set to rule the charts.

talking about football, the so called “great one” has not been able to turn mancheser united fortunes with couple of losses  meanwhile manchester city and pep have struck quite a chord,winning all matches this season.

in laliga,after a record winning run real madrid is on a record “draw” run with drawing last four matches, barca and atletico are quite on a winning roll.
i know this time it was completely boring but but deal with it…..


​for any state youth is a very vital and crucial thing to work upon because its the youth that is destined to carry the future, to  build, to conquer new grounds. india is one of the coutries of the world which has a very high percentage of youth do we just have the numbers or we have the numbers that is rich in quality also.according to me this youth crop is way behind it top yield.we are a country which is still struggling with its litreacy rate,where toppers give re examinations and then they fail it too causing  contradictions to the faith regarding many instiutions.according to me india’s youth lives in a bit of mirage,they consume virtual reality more than the reality. the  more intellectual section of out youth which understands things still choses to get with the flow ,in a laymans language they just follow the heard.let me give you an example which will make you think about the dumbness of our youth,some days back there was a huge controversy about CBFC treatment with “udta punjab”,the youth went berserk slamming the CBFC that we have a right of free speech,that delighted me i know they were wrong because in 1950s our constitution gave them power for doing that,but still it was ok ,but here comes the catch udta punjab got leaked on internet before its released and it was downloaded on a very great scale so where the fuck the so called morality of people specially youth vanished. our youth lacks the spirit somewhere because they strictly have a notion that west is synonymous with cool, india is boring what they forget is that its only theirs and theirs responsibility to make india great again,its a bit our education system fault also because their are no lessons regarding nationlism,nationlism is not only protecting borders its about nurturing and fostering thoughts and ideas regarding progress,respecting the respect,honouring the honour.

Rationality is just a word for our beloved section of youngsters.they troll salman khan on his rape comment but close their eyes while seeing a girl getting teased.our government spend millions on iits and iims and what do those nerdy jerks do, board a flight to us or europe to earn benjamins and pounds. they need to be understand that it is their homeland which they have to reform. they can spend loads of money on fucking gifts on valentines day or buying tickets for “paad”shah and ho-r-ney singh shows but when it comes to contributing to relief funds they don’t cosider it enough relevant to spend some cash on it. one thing i also want to address through this blog is that the young strata needs to use their mind more often because thats why they gets conned by media and politicians so easily for example whenever pakistan penetrates indian borders we just talk about pakistan, man we need to understand that how in seven hells they can do so when we have our defence budget in thousands of crores ,why we have issues over religion , why we have tensions and conflicts over flesh and meat among many others

perorating this session i just want to say that there is urgent need to wake up because if we don’t , all hopes of reform, all hopes of evolution and all hopes of growth will be strangled very soon so just…………


hatred , violence,boorishness, are some of the words that can sum up our society today.we are so adapted to these words that till we hear something like orlando or isis killing atleast more than 40 to 50 people ferrociously it doesn’t hit ur ears.mankind is to serve not to disdain not to create hostility,not to kill.A man named omar martini open fire in a gay club.first of all sorry for calling him a man because whatever he did deserve atleast  a tag of a swine gone berserk.his mentality against homosexuals make all of us a guilty because in our ways we have conceded that homsexuals are different and being a homosexual is a crime .every one that is either born with a stick or a chalice should respect peoples who are a bit special not different.we should take a stand that either we want an ablution of the stains on humanity or we just want to light candles.everyone born on this planet has a right to live no matter under what circumstances or under what banners he or she is born.this is not a time for making our hands crossed its time to act . people in suits or khadi running nations are very aggarandized in terms of intellectuality and understanding so why they are not doing something.stop speeches,please start acting because if you won’t the miseries graph is only going to rise and will lead to the derogation of our society in every possible way we can fancy and the only way we can skin this balk of hatred,untolerance is by unity,values ……..and don’t forget gunpowder……………….


the lights are off,the day is finished and i  am trying to figure out what i want to figure out , there is so much happening around me ,so much i see . i always try to be good ,tries to be smart but in the young age of 19 i have for sure lost the zeal of living,i barely feel anything,i don’t like to talk to anyone, does not want to go out,i just like to think,just like to introspect everything i do , check every word i say whether it was right or not. i don’t have an idea what i am going through is  a disease or just another mental state. i want to be nothing just the darkness in the dark ,the thing in nothing because i want to observe the canvass of god, i want to know why god is god,why bad is bad so if anyone reads my words don’t  take me as a mad person but take me as something . i don’t know why i feel the way i feel but i want to continue as this because its a strange world where everything is absurd.people judge things without.knowing.the context,people do things without  a second thought,we believe that we have grown but i believe that we are the most primitive species because we act like the boss in companies which we even don’t have access to be it any sector ,we are dumb people worrying about irrelevant things.I do not know i am incorrect or very incorrect but guys plz dedicate  a moment to intrsospection to think about things that matters, bacause many things out of something………………….